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In a rapidly changing world, we help you see + impact the future


Bold ideas,
Visual thinking &
Interactive approach.

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Analysis +

We perform a high level research of the past and the future trends to give you a deeper insight in the ecosystem you’re playing in.

We listen and customize our offer to your specific need and demand.

  • Historic Industry Analysis

    We do a brief analysis of the industry’s history. This allows us to see recurring cycles and understand where it might be going. What we analyze depends your needs and your industry but it could be topics like product and technology evolution, market landscape, etc.

  • Trend Analysis

    We map important global and industry trends that will affect your field of play in the near future. We look at it very broadly to pick up on possible future opportunities for your company, also in adjacent markets.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We build a competitor map of your main competitors and how they are repositioning themselves.


We challenge you to think bold and out of the box to achieve a robust strategy with expansion opportunities that sets you on the path to a successful future.

We listen and customize our offer to your specific need and demand.

  • Brainstorming

    During an interactive work session, we challenge you to leave your comfort zone en go big and bold on innovation ideas. Then we start grouping and narrow it down to come to a shared vision on innovation and future impact.

  • Scenario mapping

    You and your team build different future scenarios for your company based on key drivers and trends. What could your company look like in different possible futures? This allows you to look at your field of play from radically new perspectives. We facilitate and structure the thinking process with strong graphic tools.

  • Business Model Marathon

    We facilitate an intensive workshop where you design different business cases in different future scenarios using the design thinking process. Together we distill a robust strategy from the different business cases. And support you in identifying possible adjacent opportunities, partners, etc. from the workshop.


We support your thinking and ideation process with powerful visual tools that help you to focus and get the most out of your innovation journey.

We listen and customize our offer to your specific need and demand.

  • Graphic Recording

    We come to your meeting, brainstorm or event and draw in real time what you are discussion about. This helps your team to understand each other quicker, see connections and get on the same page.

  • Sketchnoting 101

    We give workshops on how to start thinking and listening visually and activate that other part of your brain. It helps to focus and communicate more efficiently.

  • Ideation Sketching

    We let your team run wild with ideas and sketch them out in real time. This helps them to see where it needs clarity and how to build the full story.



Miami Ad School

For Miami Ad School, we put together a very interactive workshop on visual insight mining and the future of strategy in advertising.


We designed and facilitated a strategy and vision workshop for the telecommunication startup Skrumble.

It tackled their vision and mission and dove deeper into the roadmap to reach that vision. We gave them the tools to further develop this roadmap themselves.

Marianne has the unique gift of synthesizing many ideas and bringing structure to complexity. She helped bring clarity to our goals and mission, and gave us the tools we needed to come up with a clear strategy for our company.

Courtney Watts - Head of Business Development

East End Project

We did a full scale analysis of the history and future trends in the advertising industry.

This allowed East End Project to clearly see how they wanted to position themselves.

We can’t rave enough about the experience they bring to the project! The level of insight and clarity in providing sound direction was invaluable. Through this experience we were able to move our projects forward with unprecedented speed.

Eric Vieira


We designed and co-facilitated 2 expert workshops in Brussels on how to speed up innovation in the European construction sector for BPIE and I24C.

Reshape has an aptitude for combining profound competence and knowledge on building performance with a creative and out-of-the box result oriented approach. They pay close attention to understanding their clients, but likewise dare to challenge them not taking things for granted. A versatile and innovative facilitator, strongly recommended.

Maarten de Groote - Head of Research at BPIE

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